Custom 3D City map wall art - City skyline wall decor with LED light, Glow in the Dark Night light -




3D wooden city map is one of a kind gift.
it is Wall art at day time, but Night light at night time.

Absolutely unique idea. Could be an unusual gift for any occasion. Display it in the office, living room, hall.

* This artwork made of premium pine solid wood
* The river made of GLOWING IN THE DARK colored epoxy resin.
* Installed with LED light under the river, which gives additional charge of the day light for gloving effect after turning the light off.
* Every artwork is unique. NO identical cities.
* Custom sizes available.
* Custom colors available.


This artwork is 18 x 18 inches. 10nch high.
Installed with corded Led light.

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Materials: premium wood, colored epoxy resin, glow in the dark epoxy rasin, LED light corded.

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